Crime Syndicate: Gang of thieves running mid-air theft operation


Over the years, reported cases of mid-air high end criminal activities have been stacking up and reports suggests possible gang of thieves are operating illegal activities. On 21 December 2015, SAA (South African Airlines) passenger: Warren Becker became one of the latest victims.

Becker talking to news agency recalls his flight details what he describes as a “ruined holiday”. SAA flight 286 was headed from Johannesburg to Hong Kong, when he fell asleep and as he woke up, a fellow passenger alerted him to check his bags as she had seen people removing luggage from the overhead compartment.

When he checked his bag, which was locked for extra security, he found the lock broken. The bag contained foreign currency as well as some extremely valuable jewelry. Becker says he had a total of roughly $1800 in cash.

Airlines operating on these routes are now alerting their passengers about the ongoing mile-high syndicate operation targeting flights to Asian destinations. The ongoing alleged operation may have accumulated about of R6.5m stolen properties over the span of last 9 months.


Photo Credit: Montague Smith